Bayesian Network Webserver for Biological Network Modeling

Getting Started with BNW

The Bayesian Network Webserver (BNW) is designed to be a comprehensive tool for Bayesian network modeling of biological datasets. It should allow users to, within seconds or minutes, go from having a simply formatted input file containing a dataset to using a network model to make predictions about the interactions between variables and the potential effects of experimental interventions. New users of BNW may want to start by following this tutorial which uses an example dataset that is used to create a genetic network. An additional tutorial provides an introduction to using the BNW structural constraint interface. Several example networks using real and synthetic data are available here.

BNW also provides a help page that provides an overview of the use of BNW as well as a FAQ page that addresses specific questions.

To begin modeling your own data, prepare an input file following these file formatting guidelines, upload the file here to learn the network structure that best explains the data, and begin using it to make predictions. If you already know the structure of your network, you can upload files containing your data and the network structure here.